Website Care & Maintenance

Protect, maintain, and update your website

My website care plan gives you peace of mind and takes a burden off your shoulders. With my plan, you’ll never have to worry about the backend “techy” part of your website: updating plugins, fixing broken pages and links, or thwarting malware attacks. I strongly recommend that you protect your business investment by being a member of my website care plan.

Plus, you’ll even get some added bonuses as a member!

What’s Included

Premium Web Hosting

Your website looks great on the surface, but also needs a strong foundation to reach its full potential. That’s why I offer premium hosting providing security, performance, and optimization for your site.

Website Updates

Technology moves fast and your website is no exception. Outdated themes and plugins are the #1 reason why sites get hacked. On my care plan, I will keep everything up to date and secure.

Website Backups

Your site will be regularly backed up, offering you peace of mind in case something goes awry or if you need to download or transfer your site. In addition, secondary off-site backups are created as an extra security measure.

Monitoring & Security

I will be actively monitoring your site and securing it from would-be hackers or potential breaches.

Monthly Reporting

I’ll send you monthly reports showing you everything that was done to keep your site updated and secure.

Priority Support

As a care plan member, you will have priority support in the event that you have any issues with your site. I address member issues before those of non-members.

Free Hour & Reduced Rates

Members of my care plan receive a minimum of one free hour of work to take care of any content updates. Need a little extra time? Take advantage of my reduced hourly rate exclusively for members!


Annual plans receive two months free!

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